Sharing the space

Sometimes we need to allow others to enter our space, maybe not in terms of invasion but kind of allowing for the step forward. It is not only people we allow to take the space -it could be emotions, processes, thoughts. We like to protect our space- the way it is and the way we shape it. Imagine you never allowed others into your space- how lonely would that be? Without memories, personal entries, ups and downs of relationships...A bit empty and bit boring I suppose...So life is shaped by our space being visited by others-that reflection came to my mind when I was creating recently in a collaborative way with another artist present at the same time. So 2 people, 2 different visual styles but...1 piece of paper! What happened?

That experience of painting together brought up many reflections on the way life is lived as well. We started with tabula rasa-blank piece of a large paper that had plenty of space. Each of us painted on opposite site and we were pretty much independent- we used different supplies, colours, styles. We had space- we did not care much. But as we started loosing that space to the artwork there was a different situation. You get closer, you hesitate a bit and then one is doing the first "invasion"- the mark, splash of colour, innocent line. And this is how it starts- there will be space where both  visual languages will eventually overlap. And the expansion carries on...You are finding yourself on a foreign land- what do you do? Do you invade or add more richness to it? Do you keep what is there and enhance maybe or alter totally forcing your style? There are no written rules on visual manners for artists in collaboration! So you carry on creating, stepping back a bit to look what is happening and come back to that land of not yours fully but not so strange anymore because you started your input. Isn't it just the essence of life? We go back and forth into other people lands, sometimes we make their life better but sadly often we dominate and want to alter with high degree of control. We may land on somebody's space and have a least few ways to react- contribute to enrich or contribute to invade. In this collaborative, painting project we not only moved towards the area of other person but at some point swapped them fully. We swapped the sides in order to move to the another creators' space.  And here the game of adding and altering started with a full impact. We finally came to the stage of finishing touches and looked at the picture as WHOLE not the separate parts of 2 creators' inputs. One, big picture on its own. And then we turned it upside down to bring  that unity to even higher level because none knew, either planned what it is going to look like when it is looked at from a totally different perspective!

And this is when the creative magic happens- when we look at things in unexpected way, loose the degree of control and let the flow to take over! Collaboration is a great way not only to create something beautiful together but also to dig deeper into our own land without the possessive and controlling character.

Create together!



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