Do you dare to collage?


Do you believe in collage? I mean do you dare to see if creative process can answer your questions that you even didn’t dare to ask yourself? There is a magic that happens during creative state of mind and keeps me coming back and back… That magic when art starts expressing our deep thoughts, mind, something we are not aware…I started feeling that magic when first time let art journaling to take over the controlling mind and learnt to listen more to what is not said aloud. That is why I decided now, after few years, to share the secret of that process and show you (or rather try -as it is going be quite difficult) how collaging for art journaling can become subconscious practice.



Making art may have as many reasons as people making it. For some it is a hobby, for others professional level, way of making living. I have not been involved in art long enough to decide what kind of shape this activity will take but I know one thing for sure- I am not able to function without being involved fully in creative process and consequently my wellbeing is at risk. This is where I stand now- at this moment. Making art is a necessary aspect of my life that gives me important freedom of expression, creativity and feeling alive…

Collage is the technique that get me started as seems to be less judgmental that paining or drawing. There is less risk of heavy expectations and intuition can be easier accessed during creative process. One day I gave up on producing “pretty” art journal pages and simply started listening to my intuition more, being guided and trusting that I will find some answers once get myself deeply involved into creative process. Focusing on process more that on the outcome (or even giving up on outcome totally) is an act of bravery. There is that sick expectation that art must be looking in certain way, meet some standards. I don’t really argue with that- there is too much beauty in the process itself to argue about it…

Images and words for collage in journals started to appear in fascinated and unexpected way. They all built picture that made sense and that picture was not planned, prepared or controlled. It happens here and now when we create and are present. Like suddenly entering different mind zone, giving access to subconscious mind.

I dare to do this project called “Subconscious collage for Art journaling” however my fear and worry is still high. Will I be able to express it in the right way, will it be beneficial, and maybe it should rather stay with me? But as I said before- art sometimes communicates with us and gradually through my creative process I came to decision to share and expose my thoughts with others who may want to tap into intuitive art journaling.

Here is a short clip I made to introduce the whole idea. You can also find it on my You Tube channel Artlysing- I hope it gives you feel what I am trying to express and will (or not) encourage you to take this adventure. I understand that some people may not like and it is good too so do not force yourself into something you do not feel comfortable with! Art is a massive source of different styles and that is the whole beauty- choose what is singing to your soul!


So what is the plan?

  • I am going to create one clip per month on chosen subject/emotion and show you how I collage to answer (or “artswer”- see my post on that expression here) some questions that are far away in our mind.
  • Before that there will be an introduction clip on the process, preparations of your environment and supplies (not many I promise!).
  • If you dare to get on this journey with me please subscribe to Artlysing You Tube channel where I am going to put all clips.
  • I will be producing short PDF documents with mindfulness exercises for each episode so make sure you subscribe to my site (on the right hand site bar) as well!
  • I also would love to run closed Facebook group page for safe and non-judgmental sharing for those who want to share.




Hope to see you there and let’s dare together!


Wishing you daring collaging!




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