Importance of playfulness

I struggle with seriousness on all levels. Life seems so much easier to bear when there is some type of distance to yourself, play, fun and simple playfulness...In days filled with constant demands to behave like that and that, meet certain expectations and all that...where is the play? We lost the ability we possessed as kids where the joy of simple play and laughter accompanied the daily life. Creativity and playfulness are close sisters. Through playfulness we can let creativity fly in unlimited directions and thanks to creativity playfulness becomes meaningful.


To my arty folks and friends I am known from exploring the dark site of soul and mind through raw art journaling or intense use of colour- which I tend to do with true satisfaction as connection with ourselves is so meaningful that is has to be explored through creative practice. Here is also the reason why I am creating Subconscious Collage project and look into mindful act of creation. However I am naturally also a playful person and love to explore connection with our natural ability to play. The power of true playfulness is breaking the barriers we built around as the results of living through social norms and patterns of behaviour. There is nothing wrong with good manners- you know specially the table manners;) but it is all role play we do all the time in different aspects of our life. We play the role of responsible and serious adults who forgot that playfulness do not mean being childish. Playing with jokes, distance to yourself or simply doing things for fun instead of competition can break mental barriers and help in entering totally new state of mind- wonder what kind of mind? Try it! Here a few tips how to introduce simple playfulness into your creative practice (art journals, collage, art cards etc):

  • Alter your own photo for a start: ears, moustaches, tails, freckles- all allowed-let it go wild!
  • Collage people from magazines that look so serious that you simply have to bring some fun into their life: change their legs, arms, face expressions or maybe transport to a different world by putting a little bit inappropriate background;)
  • Play with the words- so much can be done around text playfulness- random newspapers headline can form totally new one. Look for different fonts and text size as well for more visual impact.
  • Challenge culture iconic images like symbols, well know visual elements that may have a such strong meaning that we stop questioning it- time to shake up that culture a little bit! Not mentioning my previous work experience let me just say I adore collages done with the iconic Coca Cola bottle;)

Please feel free to have a look at some of my previous work in art journals when I played with my own photos, used Photo Booth pictures, collaged rebellious persona or used text play.

Have fun!



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