Subconscious Collage- Intro Episode is here!

 So after almost killing my family, hitting my PC with some seriously heavy objects, going crazy and yelling at video editor program I decided to release this perfectly imperfect Intro Episode to Subconscious Collage for Art Journaling. This is the welcome and beginning showing you my uneven nose, meeting my duck, talking about messiness, randomness and some more randomness. We are entering the area of doing something from our soul and heart and showing what is not always obvious...Entry if you dare...

 In this first episode I am introducing my weird persona and talking about what really matters to me in this projects. You will get a glimpse of my journals, process of starting the page socks on wooden floor;) I am making it clear this is not about techniques, supplies and mixed media newest gadgets- it's about joining the creative process journey of self discovery and finding connection with your mind. I have to apologise for poor quality of voice recorded over parts where I explain some backgrounds and talk about types of journals- please turn the volume up and I promise to invest in a proper microphone before the next episode release! Imperfection is my best skill!:) I am showing you journals I use and three types of backgrounds but this is just a touch of the subject - remember that you can use whatever you feel comfortable with! Here are some tips for your preparations:


  • Allow yourself for spontaneous and imperfection- you are not working on something for judgment!
  • Use material you already have- paints- any will do even steal some from your child if you can! Inks- see if you can buy just normal inks for fountain pens and mix them with water in spray bottles- there is no pressure to buy professional ink sprays that cost fortune! Also consider using crayons, coloured pencils, craft ink pads, school markers.
  • The only supply I would recommend to invest is white gesso- that will last you a while and can be used in many different ways.
  • Treat yourself to the journal trip- go to charity shops, garage sales etc and look for old books that you may like not because of content but size, paper texture, font, colour, cover -make it your hunt!
  • Prepare stash of magazines- any magazines! Ask friends if they want to get rid of any old ones.
  • If you want find in books/journals pages you may want to work in and glue them together if not thick enough or gesso over to prepare the ground for your collaging.
  • And think about fear- our next subject- is even thinking about fear scaring you? That's great- you will have lots of inspiration for your art journal! :)


Dare to be scared!







  • Comment Link Tuesday, 08 March 2016 20:15 posted by Honorata

    The link to Facebook group has been posted before but had to miss it here- sorry1 Here it is

  • Comment Link Sunday, 06 March 2016 16:36 posted by MiMi Dibble

    How can we join the Facebook group? Can you post a link?

  • Comment Link Wednesday, 06 January 2016 13:43 posted by Lois Romeo

    I very much enjoyed your intro lesson and I look forward to the rest. I have done some art (dabbling) and rubber stamping and journaling for years and now that I am retired I look forward to just being able to do art when I want. One of the rooms in my house I call my studio, my "Happy Place", and I have no expectations of becoming this fantastic artist, I just want to have fun!

  • Comment Link Tuesday, 29 December 2015 19:47 posted by Cheryl

    I'm a bit of a dolt and couldn't find the sign-up link. I would like to join the FB group.

  • Comment Link Sunday, 27 December 2015 22:31 posted by Carol Kitchell

    You never know what will spring out of your art making and capture your spirit!

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