When convention stops...

So the Subconscious Collage project took off the ground with the Episode 2 "Fear" and we have people from different countries and time zones creating to the tune of their mind. It has been a wonderful experience to have like- minded people who can join this journey of self-discovery. If you want to join here is a link to FB group with all episodes so far and reflective exercises for each subject. But let's just think for a moment why subconscious and art journaling mixture- where is that connection coming from? Is it the nature of art journaling to dig a little bit deeper and how can creativity be subconscious?

There are few values that whatever I do are always the centre of my actions. Those are freedom of expression, authenticity, forgetting limitations of convention and respect for diversity. I think we all are born with authentic beauty but along the journey called "daily life" we forget how to show it. Creativity is becoming my natural way of expression and communication with others and myself. Only by letting others to create from their own heart and mind we can discover true uniqueness and beauty. That's why blending subconscious mind and act of creativity is one of my first projects I decided to share with others. And to be honest  it is only time that will show if I made the right decision...

Breaking creative convention is the first step to set your mind free. Creativity as naturally going outside the box but can also sometimes get stuck. Art journaling is a place for inner expression beyond looking at outcome. That's why when creating pages it is crucial to let expectations go and stop questioning if the pages are good enough, how the colour is matched, if the composition is good. More important letting go expcxtations of external approval by others. Creating for the sake of creativity is pure but also difficult as with time we tend to build the habit of following conventional path-in this case creating for approval.

Once that done we can move to the second step which is connection with subconscious. So we depend on uncertaiity and an act of spontaneous creation. No pre-planned actions, simply waiting for messages, looking for signs, letting creativity tell us what to create instead of us taking the lead. It is a very difficult approach and may require some practice as we tend to be controlling humans in so many aspects.

Episode 2 of Subconscious Collage project is about fear- emotion that we all experience and are not able to function without. I hope that it can make you feel inspired- inspired to live with fear instead of simply combating it to the stage when it is gone totally. Fear is a life force- the unwanted friend of our relationships with others and ourselves. It will never go in my personal opinion, so why not just let it be but do our own thing anyway?


Wishing you fearful creating this week!



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