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Creative life is not only about art or creative activities. It is the holistic way of approaching our existence and you are born with that need/hunger/desire for it or not. Living that life can bring you joy but also put on a roller coaster as creativity is not a loyal friend and like to forget about you from time to time leaving on the mercy of misery and pain. Even with that price to pay creatives do not see another option of living like dancing with uncertain creative flow. During last year I have experienced the power of another force that combines with creative life, making it more possible to become richer and lasting experience. Something that we are not able to do on our own but can be sometimes even done by those who have nothing to do with creativity itself. I am talking about the power of support

 I don't believe we can or even should walk the road less travelled just on our own. Having people around who are like-minded as well those who come with different mind's set up can help to conquer what we sometimes see us not achievable. There are different types and needs for support in madness of creative life but all equally important and contribute to actually making this Creative Life possible. I only stepped into creativity fully in 2013 and would not have been where I am now without people around me. Yes I made the most important steps myself but before they were made the process of making decisions involved many conversations, connections with different people. People who knew me personally and people from far away who I only met on line. People with different and similar life experiences, from different countries, family and strangers, good old friends and new ones. Also people who didn’t know about me but lead by example, inspired and impacted my way of thinking.

The first and most common support comes from other creatives- all who feel the need to create- are a part of big tribe. Social networking sites go nowadays beyond just sharing the artwork- there are groups, discussions, private messages, friendships formed. Limitation of time and space seems to be gone. Social networking partly has taken over the chunk of earlier formed connections existing in blogosphere. Many connections go beyond internet and form workshops, meets up- real life interaction.

You may want to have a need to connect deeper and on more personal level in a small group- that’s when creative coaching can come handy. The magic of being a part of supportive group is beyond any comparison and the guidance received on the top of that can quickly shift your direction. We humans have this tendency to not being able to see clearly when to comes to ourselves- even if it's obvious. I had a privilege to experience creative coaching circle last year with some amasing women taking their projects, souls and dreams to the next level. It directed me to the place I never thought I would be- to my authentic self...

On another hand it could be limiting to turn for support exclusively to people like-minded. Sometimes those around us who have so little to do with our passions can actually bring some fresh approach. Family and friends who look after us, repair the computer when we are about to commit the suicide or simply tell us (read: order us) to rest! People who can see that creative passion has been burning us dangerously and it’s time to let it go or have a break. All those around who know who we are but also can see where we are getting lost.  Never undervalue people who are practical if you want to survive the madness of intensive creativity!;)

There is also support and inspiration that comes from simply letting go. Being gentle with ourselves doesn't come easy as the tendency to push beyond limits can be addictive. Self-care is an art of knowing when it’s time to accept and move on anyway, when we need to let our minds and bodies rest to be able to function in future. It is the balancing act of assertiveness without selfishness.

Creative life is the most beautiful when its enhanced with the power of others-let them make it happen- let that light from others make your growth possible. The most powerful part of the whole process is that is reversible- every single time you receive support you move on and inspire somebody else...The circle never ends!


Thank you all for being part of my creative life (if you reading this you are because that inspires me to keep going with my blog, art and creativity:)

Wishing you having a supportive and creative week!






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