The house of Life Naturalist

Today I am giving you a virtual tour of my house. It is not an estate agent show off- this is a tour taking you to few rooms of my house to show you what it may look like living with a passionate creative type. It is not a stereotypical mess all over the place- no, it gets worse than that, ha ha! Household items simply are having second life here and you may find it surprising, amusing or simply bizarre.

 I create no matter if I have fancy supplies and accessories. There is a very little in life that would stop me from following the whisper of inspiration (it took me 33 years to wake up to create so it is long enough!) and lack of professional equipment is definitely not a barrier. Life just gets more interesting if you go beyond conventional concepts- doesn't it? Or am I just crazy? ;) Have a look yourself and make sure you read descriptions for each photo. Couple weeks ago I created art journal spread titled "Life Naturalist" - description created randomly as playing up with collage words. A Life Naturalist is simply living in peace with her/his nature- whatever that nature is. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to discover, understand and accept that nature but as long as we try we are on the meaningful journey. I accept my need and desperation for creativity even here on that very practical and ridiculous level- surrounding  myself with items that I give a new meaning. The meaning that makes a perfect sense to me. Have fun with this a very visual post this week.


Wishing you some unconventional moments this week!


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