Subconscious Collage- Episode 3 is here!

So here we go-Episode 3 of Subconscious Collage for Art journaling arrived in February. This time I am trying to inspire you to look at your self-acceptance. Self-acceptance as creating a life story of yourself, where you are naturally yourself rather than the creation of expectations coming from others. There are shoots of journals, me flying (or waiting for the wings) and feathers- enjoy! :)


Self-acceptance is not one of those issues we can "get sorted"- it is a complicated and deep process involving openness to true self and seeing things not always fully positive. It's also about the balance- between self-importance and inner critic-something that takes a life time to achieve. Or maybe it is not achievable at all- it is a constant journey, attempt and for some even a battle. The clip shows you an artistic metaphor of search for self-acceptance, wonder and stages of seeing that imperfection can actually be defined as uniqueness.

This episode also gives you a chance to look closer at my collaging technique where I use "blank space cut out" to create the emotional and mindful linkage between images. That technique stimulates you to look outside the image and by applying reverse material it can end up in very surprising results. Very subconscious, very much fun- have a go and remember to post your work in our Facebook page!


Wishing you self-accepting week!




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