Subconscious Collage- Episode 4 - Identity

I find it hard to believe that it is already Episode 4 of Subconscious Collage project! This time I am challenging our perception of Identity-the concept that we have a certain, solid identity  that goes with us to grave. Yes there are some core aspects of identity- we come from some places and cultures and that is definitely shaping the whole process. However naturally as humans we also grow and change, we start as children searching for answers and gradually find out through the course of life that some will never have answers.

We start playing roles in others life or stop being a part of somebody's life. Often we move into somebody else memory that may get forgotten. Years past and we may no longer be in the same place, do not see some people, start or stop being family members. Identity is to me more fluid, it keeps changing with the process of personal growth. Seeing identity as variable force also helps to be more gentle with our self-judgment. We all change during the journey called life and there is no reason why we should be staying exactly the same during the whole time. Transformation, change and time passage are natural aspects of human identity.

When it comes to art journaling technique there is a play with parting a face image and building two separate faces from one. It a surprising method of seeing that one can have many faces. The episode is also few minutes longer that the previous one because I filmed quite a lot of the journal making part but I am sure you will enjoy watching how those fascinating faces emerge from a page with the use of pencil.


Wishing you creatively exploring week!




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