Because you are self made

Those who are familiar with my collaging technique for art journals know that I tend to browse through the magazines and let my intuition decide what to use for a journal in that moment. As I go through quite a lot of pages of different magazines I am constantly faced with many phrases that tell us what to do. "Must have", "Be this and that" Be like...", "You must", "Time to do...this and that" and my favourite "Don't miss out" (what if I actually want to miss out, hm?) It just makes me wonder how much of us is pre-planned, pre-designed by social demand and how much is left to our decision. I love freedom in many forms: from freedom of expression to freedom of choice. Creativity without freedom simply dies and it's a constant death in milliseconds... How much  freedom do you have left in your creative life?

The recent art journal spread I made came out with the statement "because I am self made". What self made means to you? To me it is when we decide to take our life and model it in the way we feel is right, close to our heart and soul. Self made is feeling strong enough to say No to certain demands and being able to say Yes to what we are truly passionate about. Self made is being close to authenticity and consequently is also close to judgment and critique as it may not fit common standards and trends. Choosing self made may not be easy, but sometimes does not leave us any other option, due to the fact that desire of being true to yourself can take over anything.

Art journaling can give you total freedom and joy of moments when you are self made- you connect with the freedom of your own expression. That sounds beautiful however it is still sometimes so difficult to achieve as constant inner critic and comparison habit becomes distraction. Running Subconscious Collage for art journaling group, where people share their work, made me aware how difficult it is to simply let go and accept your own creative style, your way of doing things, your version of self made. People post beautifully expressive work and next thing they do is to doubt and question themselves in a comment filled with words like: "is it right?", "this is bad", "I am not sure about that...". We all do it- we reject our self made version. Here are some tips that you may find useful to discover your version of self made through art journaling process. But again- they are just my suggestions and you do it your own way- your self made version.

  • Do not became a copy of styles of artwork you admire. Look more for patterns what attracts YOU in this particular piece- is it colour, images,a theme? Explore what your mind tells you and follow that direction instead of step by step coping.
  • Use materials you have to make art your own way, do not let expensive art supplies to stop you from creating. If something is beautiful and created with trendy materials it doesn't mean it's the only way. Do it your way!
  • Be brave and share the artwork that may not be perfect but has a meaning to you. You do not have to have many likes on Facebook! ;)



Wishing you a creatively very self made week!





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