Keeping free spirit alive

Everyone was born with some sort of free spirit- something unique in their behaviour, personality, something specific just to that one person. There are as many styles of art journaling as people and as many expressions as life stories. Sometimes it takes years or decades to "return to yourself"- to awake that spark that has been sleeping or simply uncovered. That free spirit gets covered with lots of stuff and majority comes from others but also ourselves - believes and preconceptions. I have a privilege to meet some women who joined my project of art journaling and admitted they have not created for years, some of them just started digging into their subconscious mind of past and presence. Their free spirit simply awakes, forms and becomes alive. How is your free spirit doing?

In this art journal pages you can see above, the free spirit got covered by bits of paper and images. Here it lost an upper part of face with eyes and there the mouth. So sometimes it is unable to see and sometimes unable to speak (maybe scream?). Art journal gives you freedom of expression but also the chance for search - exploration and questioning. What is there in your mind, what images are re-appearing, is there an answer (or ARTswer as per by concept of creative process taking a role of communication tool). Here are a few collage techniques - combining an image, paint and drawing together that you may want to try to keep your free spirit alive:

  • After choosing an image for collage think about how you can use just a part of it- a half, cover a part or maybe tear apart and combine with something else.
  • Try "finishing up" technique when you draw free hand the rest of the image (body, hands)- let it be imperfect, free and irregular.
  • Paint over the collaged image- covering a part may change the dynamic of a whole page.
  • Use the different texture to complete the collage- scrap paper, bits of printed text or my favourite clothing garment's labels- all can go!
  • When deciding on colours look what colour scheme are images already suggesting- do they have some colour that stands out? Try to use that colour again for a background.
  • Do not worry about those moments when it "doesn't work"- its ok to cover everything with gesso and start over!


Wishing you free spirit discoveries this week!




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