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I am not a trendy "mixed media newest supply" person. I am too lazy to follow what is on the top of "must have art materials" and have a strange tendency to incorporate random objects in my art. If you take me for a nice town, city, beach or forest walk you will get disturbed by the fact that from time to time I need to bend and pick something up (and it's normally something that majority of people would bin). So yes, walking with me is a kind of "strange experience", however my daughter has got used to that. So why do I use "rubbish" in my art- for me it not rubbish- those finds are a mixture of symbolism, meaningful randomness and purposeful appearance. Let me take you for a walk of creative treasures...

What can be used in your collage or art journal? Basically everything! From feathers to rusty bottle tops. Everything has a meaning and can become a symbol because our culture is based on symbolism and using a random element in your collage, surrounded by words, colours and textures can give it a totally new meaning. By the end of day this is what we call art- making new meaning. What is more important using those elements make your creation unique-there is no repeating of using the same stamps or images like many other people. I would rather invest in a good paint and vintage journal than buying some sets that hundreds people will be using as well. The symbolism of found elements can easily fly beyond traditional concept-depending on what you surround it with or combine. Go "above the clouds"- above preconceptions and traditional symbols meaning, dig deeper and experiment to see where it takes it. Here are some examples of twisted symbolism for found objects and how they can appear in your journal:

  • Black thread- tangle it or use across the journal. Symbolic meaning- tangled, restricted, directed, lead to, messed up.
  • Rusty and flattened bottle tops- use to insert text inside, can be part of the face, cover eyes, part of the body, play as jewellery.
  • Rings or metal circles- eyes, glasses for new vision, marking a text inside, covering head, part of brain, rings.
  • Feathers- treat with gel medium and gesso before gluing to the page- wings, freedom, ideas, flying on the page, movement.
  • Labels- any from clothes to those from jam jars. Sometimes one word from that label has the meaning, the rest can get covered with gesso or a marker.  
  • Old tickets- those from metro, trains, buses or concerts. They give you extra texture and meaning can emerge later on. Look for those with phrases like "return", "one way", "non refundable", "extra", "special".



Wishing you creative finds during walks this week!



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