Episode 5 of Subconscious Collage for Art Journaling

Episode 5 of Subconscious Collage for Art Journaling is now out! This time I am trying to get you thinking on the matter of self-care. Something we tend to ignore, temporally put at the back of our mind just to find out later that forgetting about it brings more trouble. Self-care is not being selfish either self-centred. It is a necessary part of  functioning, required background for your personal growth. Saying that we all know how difficult it is as there is feeling of guilt, duty and devotion that keeps popping up in our mind when we need to say "no" to certain things and "yes" to ourselves.


The secret of understanding self-care better is the relation between giving yourself to others and being for yourself. There is no option you can fully support others if firstly you do not care about yourself. You need a strong and solid base to be able to function as a part of others, being able to provide support. Episode 5 of Subconscious Collage for Art Journaling project shows you some short shoots of balancing, protecting fragile beauty of yourself and caring at the same time. There is a need to set boundaries and know where they end. Ask yourself a simple and short question- how are you going to care about others if you do not care about yourself first?

I hope this short clip will give you some thoughts provoking time and inspire to open up your journal and heart to explore more. In art journaling part I am showing you a play with a colour palette. In a collage part you can explore colours and shades from different sources and putting them together for a new effect. Find some scrap papers, magazine cut outs and random objects that have one colour scheme in common-see how all parts can build one picture!

Wishing you a thoughtful week!


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