Subconscious Collage for Art Journaling Episode 6

Subconscious Collage for Art Journaling Episode 6 is now out. This time I am sharing my slower process and you can see the page spread built during 2 days. Some layers are taken off and incorporated into the page in a different way. Lots of combining, exploring, taking time and waiting for the creative process to flow.

The main subject of the episode is joy- simple and natural joy that we tend to forget. Something that doesn't cost a lot, simple pleasures without big expectations. Joy is the state we tend to mix with happiness, however joy is instantly accessible to us, planted in our heart but can easily get lost. The secret of true joy is living in the moment-not overthinking the future, either overanalysing the past. There are many things in our life that are out of our control and letting joy being stopped by them is a toxic mental process. Try to focus at least 5 minutes a day on something that brings you joy and be grateful for that. It could be a good coffee or a hug from a friend. You live here and now and that very moment will never return- use it with joy in your heart!

Feel free to watch that episode and create to the song of your own, natural joy. There is also the next episode of "Behind the journals" on the way- all on Artlysing You tube channel-enjoy!





Wishing you a creatively joyful week!



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