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People say that talking to yourself is a first sign of madness. How about talking to yourself about art (mad enough?) and then recording it and making a clip! Artist self-talk is the inspiration for the series "Behind the journals". So far there are 3 clips where I question self-expression, emotional release and state of mind- all having important role in a creative process. Behind the journals is more about the mind talk than picking up the brush. All because to be able to pick up a brush, open your journal and give it a start you need to talk- often talk to yourself...

 I hope you have had a chance to watch "Behind the journals" clips and look closer at your own self-talk. Do you question your creativity and where it actually comes from? Is there a reason for it? Does it affect your wellbeing? All those reasons may exist in artist's life in different forms and become a drive force for the creation process. The need of self-exression or the secret healing power of art can take you on the journey of self-discovery. For those interested in making their own connection with creativity much deeper, I have prepared some "artist self-talk questions" to get you started. You may want to choose just some of them or do one part of it. All up to you. Listen to yourself, your talk and to what your own art is whispering to you- have "artlysing" moment;)

Part 1 -initial process before the start

Why do I want to create it?

What inspire me in it? Colour, expression, subject matter?

do I have any expectations when it comes to the outcome? Is it just for the finished product result?

How do I feel about failure of the project?

Am I open to deviation from my idea?

Am I open to walking away from that project? Where is the attachment? Is there any?


Part 2 - actual creation stage

Where is it taking me?

Am I willing to give up my plan and create more to the heart talk?

Am I accepting my art even if the results is far away from what I have imagined?

Can I let go?

Can I let attachment go?

Is there another message in my creative process?

What do I struggle with and why?

Do I feel the fear of failure?


Part 3 - finished project

Is it what I expected- should I actually have any expectations?

Do I go into judging and comparing mode? Why?

Does it make me feel uncomfortable if I create something not so great? Why?

Can I accept my creativity as it is?

What did I learn about myself?


Wishing you "artlysing" week!








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