Accepting the light that is dark

Every artist, creative soul has the moment when they feel and understand that there is that unique form of expression that belongs to them. Some will be following subject matter, some may go through colours phases or obsessions with the personal muse. Exploring your own creative journey, seeing what type of art attracts you or where art want to take you is the part of artist's life. The challenge starts when this is actually art directing you to the unfamiliar, unexpected place. Somewhere you have not seen yourself before or - to make it more complicated- somewhere where others may question you a lot...So this is your light- the reason art called you but the light is dark and others expect it to shine...Artistic self-acceptance is so much more than self-acceptance...It is going beyond yourself and your creative identity...

 You may have a vision of your art, the adored artist who inspires you, then you into your own creation and things take over a totally different route...A route less yourself! When I started creating I tried many different workshops to see what I like and where do I fit. Soon I realised I did not  fit anywhere actually! What a painful joy of that discovery! Then I tried different e-courses as a part of my own creative journey and could see more and more of the struggle to follow somebody's style. Gradually I started feeling the power of my own creative voice and identity but then...some people would find it difficult to accept it. Never easy is that creative life some of us hunger for- never feeling full, either totally empty to know where to start the journey. Your art can take you to that place of sacred communication of the voice never heard or that one muted by external word of the "expectation and appearance game".  

  In this journal page you can see here, I talked about "climbing the mountain that is not your"- a simple metaphor for a life journey designed for us by others, when authenticity gets lost or forgotten. We may even get some fake helpers on the way- encouraging to go in direction followed by a crowd to get acceptance and pleasure of feeling the belonging. But how fragile and shallow is that belonging? Belonging to the journey of not your mountain for the price of abandoned authenticity.

Art, if we let it speak, will communicate pure authenticity of  yourself. Let the art take over your rational mind talk and discover the deeper truth. This is the core of rich and fascinating process of art journaling. Not the outcome orientated results but self-discovery and creative acceptance of your own visual voice -even when what you see it not what you expected.



Wishing you finding your light this week-even if it is dark...


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