Subconscious Collage- Episode 7 - the last one!

My adventure with Subconscious Collage project for Art journaling has come to the end. It feels like the time has come to move on to new projects and bringing something creatively new to life. We have been together on the journey of 7 episodes talking about different subjects and emotions. We created on subjects like Fear, Self-acceptance and Self-care. We looked for lost Joy and questioned our Identity concept. Finaly we embraced the subject of constant Change. It has been a privilege for me to see your work, the bloom of creativity and its healing power. Thank you to all who shared with me their life stories and how creating is impacting their life in a new way. What is next around the corner for me and you then?

 Subconscious collage project was my first idea of sharing the passion for art journaling, inspiring with videos and exploring the transformative role of creativity. What a great journey is has been from setting first blog posts and You Tube channel to receiving warm messages from people from other parts of the world who felt the positive aspect of their own re-discovered creativity. It has been wonderful experience to see others creations, journal pages and powerful openness about the inner process. The project will always stay on You Tube Artlysing channel. Please feel free to share it with anyone who can benefit from it. Also the Facebook group stays at the moment as the support place for sharing your work.

When it comes to filming there still will be more episodes of "Behind the journals" -collection of short clips exploring inner world of artist's mind. I am planning to move to new filming projects after summer but my mind is still working on it and the speed of it is not great;) So please stay in touch and if you want re-visit some of the previous episodes of Subconscious Collage project to see if your perspective has changed.



Wishing you calm and full of reflection summer time:)




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