Creative cycle

I am getting more and more interested in exploration of psychology of creativity and its connection with inner growth as well as self-awareness. For some people creativity is just about "making" art, the painting, the sculpture or whatever form it takes. But for those involved in creativity on regular basis there is something more once they let it take a core centre of their life. There is that power of creative life that goes beyond "making" and affect our cognitive skills. The creativity can teach us to be humble, self-accepting, face the failure and growth- all on regular basis and even at the same time! Creative cycle is the way creativity comes back to us and want us to move on, step outside the comfort zone and learn, learn and learn again...

In creativity there is no "one way" but there is a pattern that I have noticed after years of facing this strange muse;) Thanks to connecting to other creative types and being a part of many circles and tribes I can see its the way of living this creative life. It is the strange mixture of hunger for growth and at the same time awareness of unavoidable failure in order to make the next step. You can see lots of artwork where artist is great at what is doing, however to be able to go to the next stage there must be a step outside the comfort zone. And the better we are in what we doing the more painful and terrifying is that step. I adore people who are brave to try that step.. I like to watch how after the shaky beginning some great new things appear, they grow artistically, and the quality stuff emerges! Isn't creativity the life teacher? How many times in our personal life, work, family relationship we live in that comfy zone of "no changes please" even when it is painful kind of comfort. But fear of failure due to new challenges is stronger than the comfort  of being actually uncomfortable! Sounds like some type of parody but we live like that for years if not forever.

This week try new things just to see how leaving your comfort zone feels like. It is not easy and I never straight forward. I only manage to give it a try as being encouraged by other supportive people including painters, art journalers and creative types. But it is good and will bring more benefit than the pain of initial fear. Changing subject matter, style, used colour pallet or even the medium can be freeing as well as eye-opening to new possibilities. My try for near future is also going back to kind of abandoned last year art of assemblage. It is totally different medium, involving 3D materials and mainly found objects but it is also something I used to try but never followed up. Definitely outside comfort zone...why not?


Wishing you "not so comfy" creatively week!


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