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My core belief is that the creative process is a form of sacred and personal dialogue that takes place between the artist, her/his heart, mind, ego and the miracle of art process. Something so fragile but so strong at the same time. Art process and just the process, is what attracts me in creativity more than the finished product. That moment that is timeless and exists in a different reality, that short glimpse of seeing beyond and truly inwards, listening to silent voice of your heart. Emerging the personal art talk is more what people like to call "therapy" - it is the way of communication and way of functioning- being creatively authentic to yourself...

 I did touch the subject of "flow" earlier and also devoted  the clip "Behind the journals-state of mind" to it. But that state of of your mind, being fully engaged and present is not the only aspect of creative process I love to explore. Flow is the afterwards effect of being fully present and open to your art. It takes a form of gradual and slow conversation where you look at your art and discover that something emerges, giving you more understanding. Something important happens when you let the process take time or even have time gaps before completing it. More things emerge as you put or take layers off, once you cover with paint and then rub it off...Recently I found that art journaling may also be taken to a different level once you decide to re-work old pages. Pages from past- now once touched with new paint are becoming something meaningful. Here are some examples of the process that can help you to dig deeper into your art and the creative voice. They do not require extra supplies but the open heart and mind as well as willingness to let things go:

  • Expand the working time: do not rush to create an art journal spread in one go. If you feel you stuck-wait. Let those pages rest for hours, days maybe longer. Come back to them when you almost forgotten about them. All that gives you more perspective and fresh approach. Sometimes you need to grow internally to progress with the art, to take it to the next level and that always require time.
  • Re-work your previous work- that is an act of bravery for some due to automatic attachment we have with our own creations. I recently discovered that doing that is freeing yourself from so much. It gives you possibility to forget about limitations and expectations as well as heals your wounded ego. You can re-work art journal pages ad get really rich layers or even re-paint canvases.
  • Do not be afraid to mess up- yes messing up is good! Constant starving for perfection may be great when you are involved in one stream type of gallery art (like painting for example) but if you wish to embark the journey of self-discovery through creativity and your connection with it then forget perfection and accept what comes!
  • Learn from others, open your mind to different styles and be patient- your art will take you where it meant to be and sometimes less control is the best option:)  Listen to the whispers of your own creativity...



Craft is mastering the skill

Art is mastering unanswered!

Wishing you creatively deep week


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