Turn to art whatever happens


Somebody made that assumption once that the process of making art should be only "relaxing”. That vision of the painter with a smile on his face when paining another bunch of flowers or sunset…Well not so much in my case...


Those who made creativity the core part of their lifes and can only feel alive once the deep connection is cultivated, those who cry once creativity starts revealing more, those who cannot sleep because of visual visions….those know and feel that it can sometimes be “relaxing” but it is all about so much more, beyond state of being content and satisfaction.


Art truly lived happens when we take the process of creating and make it the honest communication tool, when we sit and listen to our heart and creativity, when we let not the pretty stuff to come out, when we fail in order to go back to humble and move on, when we understand that we do understand nothing. This is the state of mind and soul when we let art to guide us, shows us beyond what can be seen and build totally blind trust.

And because of that connection being present we are able to turn to art whatever matters. Shall it be happiness or disaster in our world or around? Turn to your art for rescue, balance, and acceptance. There are moments in life when only creativity for those who were born with the need for it, will be the first and last port of the journey. Emotionally wounded, distressed, hurt or terrified- life will always throw on us one or more of those aspects. It is a bumpy road with some better moments from time to time... Those moments are also an opportunity to connect with your art truly and deeply. Whatever happens turn to your art and its sacred communication- it is worth its time...


Wishing you having a great connection with your creative self this week


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