Art collaboration with a child

I have to confess I am guilty of a solitude indulgence in art. Yes I am that type that locks themselves in a studio for hours and love that sacred intimacy of own creativity. However daily life and some roles we take in life not always support my idea of heaven. Often I try to create when my other duties are off. So preferably when the lovely family is at work or school. So it has not been a surprise that summer school holidays are a bit challenging for appearance of my muse...


As much creative as I can sometimes be as much non practicality seems be something I can master. I see only obstacles everywhere in my time when my solitude creativity is taken away. Even if it is just a temporary situation I still suffer and go into drama queen mode. Summer 2016 became extra challenging as our family went through the crazy idea of moving house. So partially packed, living on boxes, with almost empty studio and looking for everything all the time, we embark the summer of the century...

My sanity was fortunately saved thanks to a tip from my arty friend who came up with the idea of engaging my daughter into creating. Creating together not trying to exclude myself. I think there are always many solutions for the situations we are in, it's just about seeing them. And often we need somebody else to point it out!


So here is the short clip showing you our art journal collaboration during summer holidays. The fun and crazy backgrounds that we built together.






Thank you Anne Marie van Eck for saving my creative sanity!:)))








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