Processing versus making

So back to my wonders and thoughts about engaging with creative process. Do we make art to make or do we process the art making? Lots of people have a concept of art as "making something"- preferably something visual that can be seen or touch. Then we suddenly walk into a totally different tribe of people making art for just the sake of making, they on about the process and processing things through the art, through painting, lines and marks making, splashing colours, cutting pieces of paper, and other activities involving art materials or even not art materials but used in a new way.


The mainstream of society sees art as making, producing, displaying with the end result often being "sold". But that is just one part of art and it is great for some people. On another hand we see the growth of expressive art being person and process cantered. The beauty of that art is not in final and comparable result. It not about putting things on display, selling, making products and more products. It is something not measurable really. Because how you suppose to measure the inside thoughts, feelings, transformations and changes that happen in the creator's mind, heart, soul? It is a mystery even to that one who creates with the therapeutic, transformational role creativity plays. From generations humans were engaging with art for that reason. For many those quiet, personal moments simply kept them sane. People painted during wars and disasters, kept writing diaries, found relief and sanctuary in their own interaction with art on that pure and basic level. And here comes the modern life irony- going back to that basic level of pure expression and tuning into the healing power of art is becoming more and more difficult as we are already brought up in the world of instant gratification and admiration for result. The world of comparison, culture of selfies taken with beauty filters, demand of fulfilling expectations- it all makes lots of obstacles on our way to connect with ourselves and our creativity.

Today sit in a quiet place, open the journal or pick up a piece of paper/canvas. Start with nothing in your head, no result planning, no expectations. Paint, draw, make mess. Close the journal or put the canvas down- no Facebook, Instagram photos, don't bother with "likes" either comments. This is for you to go back to listen to your voice. Good luck!


Wishing you a processing week!


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