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I have been creating variety of art and creative things for over 3 years now. Art journals are my speciality but my creative adventure is far beyond that in forms of paintings, assemblage, variety of collage, art blog writing, filming inspirational clips and more. The stage you get to after the initial brave start, then exploring more and more, is the...real fun stage. This is when you start going deeper with your art, communicating more - but what is the most magical is the skill to let go expectations and create purely for the process of "art happening". You are now able to re-use your own art as personal attachment is lower, being free to mess about, accept failure without worry and move on. Almost like the best life coaching session ever- just with the use of your own creativity!?


Making art has this heavy baggage with it- expectations. The result orientated expectations and self-inflicted expectations of skills and abilities. As children we are able to create with pure joy, simply because we have so little life experience and that is letting us to posses clear and unpoised perspective. We are given paints- we mess with it with pure happiness. And then years later you may be already a grown up, playing the game of social roles and conventions, when suddenly you find yourself in front of the blank page or canvas and the come back to that playful zone is not so easy.  However if you truly commit yourself to art, let the creative flow to take over and with each brush stroke do more inner work, then you may be able to shift. Shift from "making for the result" to "playing the process of creativity". That process is the next level when you feel the power of intentional engagement into creative process, when time either space do not exist, when you are in your own, sacred zone. And here comes the most powerful ingredient- the ability to non-judgmental letting go. Letting go off your own or external expectations. Not caring about what it looks like, not being moved by social media reaction or lack of any;) And trust me the inner joy of that state is far, far more intense than the acceptance created by virtual "likes" or show off to other people. This is what makes you alive not just giving a brief. temporary boost of powered ego. Here are some tips from my personal experience that creatively are helping me to connect more with the inner voice. You may want to try some or maybe simply listen to yourself and come up with new ideas!

·      Collage over collage- use the older work as a cut out, use it to build new collage or as a separate piece and combine with a new thing.


·      No pre-vision approach- try to open up your journal without the vision what to create. Try to clear your mind from all beautiful artwork you have seen from other artists. Some kind of "tabula rasa" attitude. Just pick up the paint and give it a start. Wait and see where it is taking you.


·      Intuitive creating - this happens when you develop inner trust versus the voice of inner critic. Example? Start a messy painting and you will see ha in minutes it is likely to become a muddy picture that you dislike. Do not give up! If you need to walk off for a while and come back later. But trust yourself you will get somewhere. Sometimes it is just time or perspective needed.


·      Blind techniques - plenty of them to try out. From blind drawing to painting. Any medium can be used and the only rule is - close your eyes!


·      Reversed collage- make few cut outs for the use for your collage, ideally from the magazines. Now turn them over and only use the reverse side!


·      Brush clean art - while painting do not put your brush straight into the water pot but wipe off on a bit of paper or pages in a journal. Do not bother to look, just carry on with different colours as you go. Later on, maybe next day look at it and add some more marks if you wish. It is going to be interesting! :)




Wishing you a deep and creative journey!




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