Hope and art

I feel like art has a strong ability to create a sense of hope. Hope not only in terms of artistic growth but hope in general when we see beyond challenges and circumstances, beyond limitations and obstacles of life. Creating is being open to failure, being ready for painful slap when you do not meet your own expectations. Despite that why do we return to creating because of hunger for expression, need of creativity? Yes but the most importantly we return because of..hope.

 My latest clip from "Behind of journals" was about questioning as one of the driving force of art journaling. What do we question? Our abilities or maybe something deeper? We do search for variety of personal answers through art. Some will be processing loss, some will be re-discovering their lost inner child, others will be dealing with their past. This is a beauty of art, specially intuitive art like art journaling, that we engage so much more than just the "making a piece of art". I do not know what are your personal reasons for the pursuit of art affair but I am pretty sure there must be lots of hope in your approach. You may fail, get scared, feel you lacking skills but...you keep coming back to creativity. Because there is a hope it takes us are where we need to be. Art also takes us through painful experiences, we process more what can be said, we open up to darkness to be able to overcome it. Scared but brave just enough- hoping to get through.

One of my latest creative experiences was "Hide and Seek" workshop I went to in December to Ave Art school in Tilburg. A bit scared too, questioning myself "shall I?", "What if this workshop touches painful places I do not want to touch or more likely I am too reluctant to touch?" But again art is about hope...Hope we can overcome the obstacles because of the miracle of art being beyond what is explainable, said or realistic. For your creative nourishment I also created a short clip about this journey in terms of physical movement from UK to Holland as well as inner and powerful movement created by the work in the art book built during the workshop.


Both clips I mentioned here "Behind the journals-Questioning" and "Ave Art school visit" can be watched on my You Tube channel Artlysing-click here.


Have a hopeful week!



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