Beyond control is the true creativity...

I got really inspired by somebody's comment on one of my art post saying "This is maybe not what you wanted to create but it is something that needed to be expressed". This is all about standing open to your own creativity. Are we fully honest with ourself and our art in whatever shape it takes? There is that trust deeply rooted in a creative process, in order to make it possible to take over our human desire to control, expect and approve.

So first comes control- we have this blank page or a journal, maybe a canvas...and we have that perfect vision. What and how we want it to look like. We picture that in our mind- the way we want it, without mistakes and failures, just perfect...This is the first and initial zone of danger we enter. In those first minutes we are applying a massive control to the vision. Restriction of perfection and the outcome. We are not standing there and say "yes bring it on-whatever". No- instead we want to be the bosses: those who dictate and get result. And if there is no result we expected we are...unhappy, angry, call ourself names, never create again, and so on...Through years of systematic engagement with an intuitive art I learnt one small but BIG thing- do not control, do not expect but ACCEPT. Accept your creative expression no matter what. This is easily said but very difficult to do. We like to control because we are taught to do so...And not being able to control equals being vulnerable and open to criticism... so we simply...control again. Creativity loves freedom and flourish once there are no restrictions. Intuitive approach to art gives a wonderful chance to let it bloom, see beyond and explore unknown...Only if we dare to do it...

Second we have expectations. O yes great expectations! That it will be looking beautiful, impactful, that our art will make the different, that it will change whatever we wish for it to change. Bigger expectations we have the more painful it becomes to tune with the intuition. Expectations are like those big mouth constantly making comments here and there that are changing the way thinking is going. Expectations also like to play on the feelings of self-acceptance and self-value. We set ourself certain standards and when they  are met we are feeling ok. What if do not set those standards or try to forget about them for a moment? How about starting your creative adventure without knowing what "pretty", "beautiful", "well balanced", "technically correct" means? Can you try it?

The last comes a chase of constant approval. And that is a long distance run! Sadly for some people it becomes a life long chase. Till we actually understand that we do not live for approval from external sources, we are captured in a cave of search for never ending desire for approval. Why? Because the approval in the well- socialised brain means "belonging". And belonging even to the place where you are unhappy, sometimes feels better that not belonging anywhere. People are social animals and their mind is wired to connect. Connection is desired and has a great value- it can make us feel happy, safe, support growth and help once we face a crisis. However striving for approval just to feel we are a part of any group will eventually lead to lost of authenticity. We will start "dancing not to our song"- doing things that we deeply do not want but feel like they bring external approval. On creativity level that can affect art making process very heavily. Self-expression only exist when we tune to authentic self and sabotaging that brings the pain of disconnection from true self. There can still be a technically "good" art created but how much value has it to the creator of it? Did it let explore the artist's self, go beyond ego, fail in order to see more? Not only brings short term approval that has not much to do with sacred dialogue between artist and creativity. Look deeper at your creative practice- be honest- how much do you create to the tune of external approval?



Wishing you "beyond control" creative week!



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