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As you know in September Ave Art is coming to England with her wonderful workshops. It is not just a "workshop" it is a createfulness adventure to go beyond your ego limitation and! Yes - your true creative self! But it is also a collaborative experience us I will be there to support those 3 days. We are two artists who despite of different countries of origin, native languages and life, age, work experience...found something in common! The desire to create from your heart and outside the barriers of your own ego- we have a passion for exploring that connection, creativity and self-expression...Join the adventure...of self-discovery. Below you can read a bit more about what is it going to be...





 Three day' s of CREATEFULNESS


With Anne-Marie van Eck in collaboration with Honorata-Artlysing


ENGLAND, September 2017




Are you someone who:

  • Likes to make beautiful things
  • Strives for perfection
  • Is a goal orientated in your work
  • Techniques are important to you
  • Is not looking for inner motivations or barriers
  • At the end of the day is likely to have a concrete workpiece to take home


Thenthis is NOT the workshop for you!


Or are you someone who:

  • Wants to experience what it is like to color outside the lines
  • Wants to create (more) process oriented rather than product-oriented
  • Wants to investigate what are the limiting thoughts that stop you from creating as a pure child
  • Wants to share his or her experience and thoughts with a trusted group in order to learn from each other in a respectful and open way.
  • Wants to be open to questions / assignments that empower your self-reflection and confidence to step out of the personal comfort zone-experience CREATFULNESS!!
  • Wants to be challenged.
  • Likes sitting for a whole day with hands in paint, glue and paper.
  • Wants to go home with new insights and (creative) capabilities.
  • Wants to spend time in a beautiful and inspiring environment with delicious food.


Then THIS is the environment where you fully belong!

 The workshop is based on well- thought and effective exercises that support the personal process. Some techniques are used combined and some individually in order to become most supportive.We're going to literally and figuratively go layer by layer to obtain the personal, creative process. You will be challenged, stirred up to trust your in inner voice and instincts. At the same time you will laugh about yourself and be gentle with yourself.  You will experience (through creative exercises) that your subconsciousness is always next to you as a personal guide. Your thoughts will turn to he concept of being in the moment, CREATEFULNESS.

As a workshop facilitator Anne-Marie has a long term commitment and experience to set the best conditions possible to support your creative process. Her Ave Art school has been a long term commitment to creative process exploration. Both personally and creatively she is fully committed to that process. She says: “I don' t want to be your teacher... but I rather think more of myself as your personal guide. It s not about me....... !!!”

 Honorata will be supporting Anne-Marie is that role by providing help during creative exercises. Her Artlysing approach is about engaging with your own creativity and letting art for full self- expression. She says: “Once you let your own art take over and loose the self-control habit - it will talk to you- there is that sacred creative communication that can happen.”




Slow down


fade out






















Together with special assignments we will set on personal search for your authentic creative self. Nothing less than that. It's about what your own style, not what someone else tells you to do or imitate. Not about art games, copying and tricks, but ART. From the inside. It is perfectly ok if you are still not very confident with a true creative YOU. You may even question your abilities and if you are good enough… But you have a full right to accept your creative form and voice simply because you are the one who creates it. That’s all what is needed. No need for external approval…

 We are going to explore and learn together how we again can trust our own intuition, work with/around these EGO'S, how to accept imperfection and its existence. As well as this approach teaches us something about our true self it also explores the best art "techniques". We are looking closer at how to use it for personal development rather than for creating a product.


The techniques that we are going to use are:


  • Working with your hands
  • Sewing                  
  • Tearing, picking                                       
  • Building a spread
  • Working with                                            
  • Creating accidents 
  • Photocopy transfers                              
  • Color Balance
  • Creating depth in plan and more!!!

And everything that has helped me to me develop my own unique style. I frequently call it quilting - each piece of art and inspiration together forms a unique garment. Colorful, versatile, ME / YOU.



 Looking forward to meet you


Anne-Marie & Honorata




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