When art comes from the heart

It always makes me wonder how creatives choose what to create. Why some would be paining the same object/style over and over and some despite great technical skills for let's say realistic opt for very abstract or simple form of expression. what is then "pure expression". Is it nicely presented object to please the audience and gather "oh, ah" or something that comes from within?

 As you grow as an artist there is a shift in mental approach of art. And that what people call "creating from a heart" becomes actually possible. This is state when the shift and integrity becomes possible. Using creative process as a pure form of expression, connection and self-realisation. Granting the creative process with more therapeutic role, enabling it to contribute to tension release and more insightful approach.  Being able to engage with your art making process in such a rich and deep way maybe very difficult in the beginning but as time goes it can slowly emerge. Here are some reflective exercises and tips that personally help me to reach that level but as you are one who knows what works for you the best, you will find your own way.

-          The outcome approach switch off- so try to create without expectations, just for you, even imagining you never going to show it to anyone.

-          Create with close eyes- a bit extreme? Maybe but the movement may actually be the catalyst for creativity. Try paining randomly or in circles with close eyes, later use that as your background or collage pieces.

-          Pay attention to your breathing. What breathing has to do with creating? Actually quite a lot. It is about flow, rhythm and entering the state of meditation letting go the external distractions.

-          Try "warming up" art exercises- on pieces of papers just start drawing or painting in a way you would be "trying up" so like cleaning the brush or checking if pencils actually work. That is simple start of switching from distracting thought to a state of creative flow.

-          Let yourself make mistakes, bin pieces of paper you do not find useful, cover up with paint, tear pages apart...and experiment more! Just for the sake of experimenting!

Happy creating from a heart!

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