Solitude magic

"Without great solitude, no serious work is possible"- Picasso


Creating needs solitude, actually creativity flourish in the state of being around nobody else... In the era of social media sharing obsession, constant accessibility and “knowing all about everybody” I am totally lost and searching for the forgotten magic of solitude. It is a paradox of creative mind to swing between the demand of being “social” and running into the solitude asylum.


As much as we need to be empowered by the presence of others, inspired by others work, we also need to connect with something beyond “self”. The force that we all know and it a part of humanity from its origins. Far away from "all about me" attitude, expectations of approval, praise and rewards. Somewehre where ego is silenced and true heart starts to flourish…


Any form of creativity if cultivated long and deep enough will eventually take you to that place. Place of happy solitude, place of conversations beyond your own ego, place of universe presence and pure magic. This is a connection that is too sacred, private and intimate to be able to share with anyone. It is a place of an artist talk, artist scream and artists passion. At that level the expression in form of art comes from the deepest place in the soul and is done for that purpose solemnly. True artist must combat an ego desire to please. Please the audience or him/herself, please the hunger for approval. The true artist feels that the universe talks through art in many forms and that he/her is just a mere “communicator”, the messenger rather than a big creator. That perspective is too complicated or scary for some- taking the big title of “creator” a bit away and lowering self-importance at the same time. However the artwork that moves us, those paintings that we look at and they make us cry for unknown reason, that art that gives us goose bumps, tickle in a tummy, speed up the heartbeat- this is ART that comes from universe and the artist was fortunate enough to listen and let it talk through his/her creative mind.






That is the way I wish to create and live!


Have a creatively rich week!




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