Therapeutic visual journaling- Readiness

 "Readiness" is the second episode of "Therapeutic visual journaling" and it is all about the first act of doing. "Readiness" is the breaking moment when the creative process starts. It is the moment of breaking initial fear and doing regardless. I would like to invite you to take this act of bravery and make first step, your mark, pick up a pen and simply start. As simple it sounds I know from my guiding practice that there many people finding it very difficult...

 People go to a great deal of preparation for a creative act. They buy expensive supplies, invest time into searching for "perfect" notebook, paints, pens. And all that unfortunately is creating some kind of mental blockage that they are not aware of. Once they have to move to the actual act of creating they freeze. All that perfection they accumulated in objects and more importantly in their heads is a self-created enemy. "Readiness" is about jumping in, going beyond that fear but not because we are required to be mad brave but because we can allow ourself to let go, let go those perfection expectations, result, approval. By simply "doing" without final result orientation we play in a natural and free way. We open up to freedom of self, we find ourself in a playful search of acceptance and enjoyment. So just do it!







It is the short moment of doing, acting, happening


Grabbing a pen, paint brush, making a mark.


It is the moment of breaking the fear


Fear of result, approval, self-judgment


Readiness is all about simple doing


Not thinking, planning either expecting


You just go for it like a child with pure heart open to adventure


You start, you make, you do.


The first mark, colour, line, shape


Just let it happen, let it be what it is.



Readiness is your act of bravery


Go beyond that fear that keeps telling you not to start



You are ready regardless what


You never are ready according to your fear


You just do, take a step however small it is


You are ready


Just do it.



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