Beyond self and creativity

"One day you simply give up or quietly walk away from all that what creates disturbances for your soul. You will find the peace within, beyond Self, somewhere there without worry about yourself or those around. You will become the creator of the world in that very moment regardless of the centuries of past and vast unknown of the future. Whatever you choose- paint, pencil, brush, crayon, pen...You just simply and amazingly become a part of a bigger reality flowing like a fluid of life through your mind. And that is when you tasted the true creativity and there is no way back". -from "Praying to my crazy mind diary"- a small notebook with my random thoughts:)

Creativity has originated from a belief that it is not a creator possessing some kind of "talent" but actually the higher power (naming is not much relevant here) is using the artist as some kind of messenger, letting it materialise through the creator's creation. Later on moder and mainly West culture built up the cult of an arist- the special one who posses the talent. However the idea originally had the reverse concept- the talent existed independently and it possessed the artist.  Going back to the origins of that concept we see that actual act of creativity is like a sacred communication with what is higher and beyond rational capacity of a human mind.

That state of connecting with something beyond, the higher presence, passing the inner dialogue with ego and self- the powerful ability to somehow come out of ourselves is what art can make possible. This act of bravery and transcendence at the same time is so much more that the stereotypical understanding of art in the terms of creating this visual object. Actually what matters here is not the product at all but what happens in between. The final product, what we can see and try to understand will be just a medium or type of language that the artist decided to use in attempt of genuine communication.  The artist himself/herself is like a messenger allowing for the transition of that universal and transcendental power. He must demonstrate the bravery to open up, show up for the art without any guarantee of the final result. But most importantly he must be ready for ignoring the powerful and egocentric tendencies blocking from the real communication.  This is the state of functioning outside the timeframe and connecting with universal existence and its truths as well. Taking on board knowledge of past geneartions or even going back to what is so basic and so lost at the moment- connection with higher universe, search for meaning and feeling the part of something bigger.

"We are called upon to do something new, to confront a no man's land, to push into a forest where there are no well-worn paths and from which no one has returned to guide us."

Rollo May "Courage to create"


Beautiful act of bravery and creativity!


Wishing you creatively beyond self week!




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