Finding yourself just to loose yourself again...

As creativity gradually shifted me from work in a solitude mode (that I still love) more towards work with people I noticed that some stories are being told many times. Many people find themselves and their creativity in the moment of life when they search for..themselves. Like years of playing role of not fully aligned with their inner desire, they got tired of it and looked for lost treasure of creativity to bring the core aliveness back to them. We not talking only about people experiencing existential crisis of middle age, nearly retired or those with empty nest syndrom. Yes them to,o but also a big chunk of people from diverse environments, age groups, life situations and beliefs that suddenly stopped, turned their head back and asked- why and how do I find myself again? So they had opened to possibilities of self-creativity in order to find the lost authenticity regardless how long ago it seemed to be missing from. However as they embarked the intensive search for themselves to fully find the true self, they have to loose the ego of self...The paradox of true creativity!

 The journey seems be in one direction once the true creativity is discovered from within and how transformative it can be. There is the search for meaning, search for understanding beyond mind's capacity and hunger for creating. People are able to tune into what they lost or even thought never had- their own power to creatively heal and discover. Then gradually, step by step the dust of daily living is coming off and the deeper connection is created. There is conquering of the initial fear, there is joy and scream, there is astonishment and revealing, there is opening old scars and soul searching, there is spirit connection and release of tension is taking place- there is old coming into new: self-creativity is becoming a transformative tool. How many of those journeys has been witnessed and how many are to come...Human expression has no limits either obligations to stop its own expansion. And then as we find ourselves back from a long journey of being somewhere else, like a pilgrim finally arriving home after many years of wonder, as we see familiar place within us and connect again with what we have been longing for with intensity...then we find ourself wanting to be lost again! How come? It may come it may not, all really depends. However there is a possibility that your creativity may wish to take you beyond self, far away from self-limitations and ego-perspective. It may want you to loose yourself in your art, creativity, the process of creating just like that-asking to give yourself fully. It may demand to devote yourself to explore what art is, how it happens, how it forms that sacred communication between a human and something higher- not explainable. Artist who creates not for the final outcome, who forgets about space and time just to BE within the creative process is something much more complex than  a production of technically skilled paintings. There is a step beyond control or fear and massive acceptance of what comes up. Simply speaking there is a creative and true artistic freedom. And that can only happened when we find and then loose ourselves again.


Wishing you loosing yourself in your art this week.


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