Urban grunge shout

Have you ever created something so unfamiliar to you that wondered why did you do it? It has been happening to me for 6 moths during my art journaling in the biggest art journal format I had. I could not understand why constantly the kind of urban grunge theme was emerging. I don't like cities, its noisy environment and myself choose to live in a small town where its easy to have contact with nature. And here we go - urban style journal pages, like city buildings walls shouting with graffiti...why, why, why? 



Look at the whole series - Seeing beyond, Destiny, Darkness, Now you know and Accept. Strong colours and defined lines always bringing some questions as well as answers... All pages were created in a big journal as playing with drawing and colour on bigger scale gave me more option to move and express. Also there is a repeating theme of the wall- or some kind of space very messy, often overloaded with spillages and finally containing writing. 

Everything- colours, lines and intensity of black charcoal was just unknown to me- but I carried on and somehow was attracted to that style. I am a country girl- don't like cities and busy lifestyle is not my cup of tea. Here is the reason I found it surprising when suddenly city grunge pages appeared on art journal pages.  

That carried on through around 6 moths till I gradually started feeling like the process has reached the end. The very last page with an a wise eye said "accept". What did urban grunge style mean to me? I was wondering why my mind wanted to go into that direction and finally understood that urban grunge is all about SHOUT. Uncontrolled shout, freedom of expression and showing your thoughts - are all  the point of messy graffiti walls. 

Now from time perspective I can see these messages made perfect sense to the life stage where I was but naturally understanding it now from perspective is much easier. There is a sacred and magical communication between our mind and art a- let yourself to enter that a beauty...Create...

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