Moving paint


Paint and pain can be moved, pushed beyond boundaries, crushed into other paint, smudged and splashed. Pretty much like human emotions- isn’t it? Recently I started the journey of moving paint in my abstract visual journals in order to see how processing mental and emotional states of mind can be done this way. Can your emotions be pushed beyond boundaries just to be blended with contrasting one in seconds later? Sounds like a familiar state of mind? Sounds like a moving paint process…

The concept of engaging our body, movement and mind into the art process is a well-known practice used in therapeutic and expressive field. We can dance our hearts out, draw with a fearless force or even let the body to touch ground and paint with arms and feet. When I work in my book journals I do not open up pages to read the book, create the picture, I open them up to be read by those journals. I reach for a brush, paint and ink in order to be led by this moving paint, to see directions I did not know about to follow paths of unknown and discover spaces of emotional neglect. Paint moves on the page the way it moves within my mind and heart.  I do not dictate it direction fully- I rather go with some suggestions and see where it takes me. The lines may cross or go into opposite directions, patches of colour may overlap, run away or blend gently. This is the way inner landscapes are being built on my pages and often beyond the pages- I take them on canvases and papers too. This process is very intuition based and relays a lot on totally separating yourself from any desire of the outcome or finished product. It is less about arty composition and more about pure expression to the point when we are expressing what we fully were not aware of. I call those artworks inner landscapes because we all carry within the landscapes of our souls, emotions and thoughts- the complicated and rich combination that sometimes becomes impossible to express in words. It fascinates me how we can sit in front of the journal or canvas with paints and few crayons to create the space for communication with deeper self- exactly this is what it is the space- inner space, inner landscapes of your soulful beauty.

The inner landscapes journals could become a self-healing practice used for your own benefit and self-exploration towards new growth. I truly believe sacred moments of art communication with true self can happen on those pages if we let vulnerability, honesty and trust step in and let go the fear of perfection.  Paint can move YOU and move itself in the direction beyond your control and expectation. Let it happen!


Wishing you many journeys to inner landscapes!



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