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Thursday, 30 June 2016 21:11

Accepting the light that is dark

Every artist, creative soul has the moment when they feel and understand that there is that unique form of expression that belongs to them. Some will be following subject matter, some may go through colours phases or obsessions with the personal muse. Exploring your own creative journey, seeing what type of art attracts you or where art want to take you is the part of artist's life. The challenge starts when this is actually art directing you to the unfamiliar, unexpected place. Somewhere you have not seen yourself before or - to make it more complicated- somewhere where others may question you a lot...So this is your light- the reason art called you but the light is dark and others expect it to shine...Artistic self-acceptance is so much more than self-acceptance...It is going beyond yourself and your creative identity...

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Thursday, 30 June 2016 21:05

Failing Creatively

 Failure- not so much popular subject is it? Not many posts on social media of our creative failures, attempts that do not lead anyway or turn out to be something totally different. Creative failure- does it exist? How can we redefine the failure to actually incorporate it into a creative process? First of all try to say and imagine the expression "failure" without the negative connotation. Can you? Why is our mind so resistant to understand and accept failure? Is that because failure equals rejection? Rejection of what? Self-worth, self-importance or maybe it defines us  in the way we do not like to show? Let's fail creatively!

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Sunday, 12 June 2016 14:26

Artist self- talk

People say that talking to yourself is a first sign of madness. How about talking to yourself about art (mad enough?) and then recording it and making a clip! Artist self-talk is the inspiration for the series "Behind the journals". So far there are 3 clips where I question self-expression, emotional release and state of mind- all having important role in a creative process. Behind the journals is more about the mind talk than picking up the brush. All because to be able to pick up a brush, open your journal and give it a start you need to talk- often talk to yourself...

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