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Sunday, 18 September 2016 17:32

ARTstirrer September

The changing season is on the way and September issue of ARTstirrer for you to get more inspiration. Creativity, art, art journaling, funny life and some words for you!

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Saturday, 10 September 2016 11:48

The meaning of layers, the layers of meaning...

When people look at artwork what do they see? Often the first impression is just that top layer of visual act, what our eyes perceive and record in first seconds. We see a portrait, landscape, colours, figures, shapes, abstract lines...However what is the real and full picture? In mixed media art the concept of working through layers make the art being more about the process and artist experience than the final visual aspect. It's the journey through layers of meaning and some of them will eventually almost disappear in the final work and some emerge on the very last minute. It's the concept so much different from a traditional concept of making a piece of "art" that it crosses the borders of creativity, self-development and psychological boundaries. It is something simply impossible to answer when you get the question "what type of art you do?". What type? hm...My inner self-discovery I suppose...

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