I believe when we start trusting out intuition through creative process and let art talks to us instead dictating preplanned outcome we somehow reclaim we ourselves, our soul our true. Convention acquired by years and socialization expectations may be blocking that unique connection with true self.


We often find ourself wondering about life- analysing it but lets just art look at us and analyse ourself - this is how the word Artlysing was born- instead of analysing we do artlysing- letting art communicate subconscious messages of our mind. 


Our natural creativity has been stifled for years by conventions telling what and how is expected. Including creative process as well we often get convention letting us not fully express ourselves. Once rules and conventional thinking is broken we firstly connect with our true self, reclaim ourselves and also let the art talk to us by releasing suppressed emotions. And what is your art talkig, whispering or telling you? Find out! When convention stops then art talks to us. Convention may take a form of preconceptions about what we create, how we do it as well as foucus on certain result. But letting go and getting tuned with the intuition can release your true self and give you unexpected results. Trusting that process is difficult as it requires self trust, acceptance and forgetting about expextations so hardly inprinted in our minds.

I am attempting to explore that subject by my own creative process and share it form of mixed media art, art journals and inspirational clips- hope to see you too on this amazing journey!


Let your art talk...