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As years pass by we slowly start realising that collection of days, months, seasons and years happens without our control and kind of between the lines. We are trapped in daily repetition of tasks and activities like unconscious creatures acting in some kind of trans without any reflection. Then sometimes we stop when we are caught in the ordinary moment of extraordinary- maybe the shape of clouds seen through the window, maybe the random melody on the radio...And we wonder..Where did life go? Life goes on every day, every mundane minute and second...We breathe in and breathe out past all the time. Short poem that crossed my soul when I thought about it...




Daily life






Normality of life


Daily tasks of repetition


When day goes by


In a rhythm of domestic movement




That stillness in being


For just passing by


When days are long


And life very short


Speeded up in a blink


Of what we thought was just another day…


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