Creative pause

There are moments of quietness in creative life. Moments when paint doesn’t flow so well from the brush and we pause. The power of pausing and honouring it has been recently very important to me. I think as artists we do grow once we have learnt lessons of pausing. By stopping I do not mean stop creating but rather stepping on side and reflecting back on why we are feeling urge to slow down. The power of pause has a lot to do with transition in many ways of art and personal development interfacing with each other. Recently my art pause is about transition to new interest and inspiration…That is what I am hoping it is about but who knows for sure...


 We can explore subject matters and personally influenced interests in artistic way to their limits. We go through periods of intensity of creativity, testing it to its limits, then creating beyond healthy boundaries of sleep and rest. Rest? What is that! Do not need that! We shout to our souls as we are in the middle of creative tornado. And then suddenly or maybe gradually (fact that is  happening often unnoticed) we start slowing down. Then we go even slower..and we finally pause. We have processed the hunger and exploration limits and feel like we just need to sit quietly and wait.  

 This happened in my art process few times now. I have witnessed through years how transition into different art phase was taking place without me initially understanding it.It is mostly the natural shift or kind of doors opening fact, where we have two choices: first go back to the comfort zone of creating what we know, or embrace the upcoming transition and get ready for reaching outside the comfort zone. The pause moment is like getting ready period, preparations before we move towards the next adventure. In artistic development it can take many forms. Suddenly lost interest in subject matter, shift in colour choices, interest in new medium or general feel of not being fully present in current practice- all that are signs we are facing the potential for growth but it is down to us to make decision. And it is not just about making decision about change of direction. It is about being ready for painful process of re-discovering and getting into somehow unfamiliar lands. Personally I believe this is a beauty of art- doing what is not simply serving just for pleasing ourselves and others. Failing again in order to understand the new way of creating, learning and thinking. It also means there is something new awaiting for us-unknown land full of potential. It is the test for openness and trust but most importantly a question of bravery- will you move on? Will you stay where it is stable, pleasurable and sometimes even profitable? 

I have started my journey into creativity and art many years ago with collage and art journals. Those who follow me for long time probably remember my altered books and mixed media creations. Time gradually showed that I diverted from that into abstracts and paint, there was a new "Messy journal" that initiated my paint exploration, lines and marks. That after over a year led to "Inner Landscapes" concept and filming self-documentary about it. Now here I stand and face the pause again...Slowly steering away from abstract paintings and heading into unknown. And it is really unknown. Last year I started learning how to use oils and after many, many failures something was always preventing me from throwing those paints into the room's corner. I still don't know what and how is coming but I know there is the reason for my love of oils and interest in figures. I also know that somehow the previous stage of abstracts is a part of the new as well.  I am rediscovering my love for drawing and incorporating much more expressive aspect into it. So I am sitting, listening to that inner voice, pausing and trusting...Creative adventure to be continued!




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