In the presence of the paint

There are moments when I need to be in the presence of the paint. Sometimes after long days left with drained soul I open up art room's doors just to breath the smell of paint- grabbing quickly a paintbrush and making a stroke on the canvas or paper is transforming the reality. Awareness of that therapeutic power of paint and its strong sensory aspect became clear to me some time ago once being involved into abstracts work. I never expected it to be this way, but saying that I never expected to be an artist some times ago! 

In painting process there is some planning involved and initial structure can be built in the form of the sketch, but it is further down the line when the magic happens. As painting is progressing there is a moment of total involvement into the process to the level when sensory qualities of paint are talking over and create separate reality of being. In the middle of true painting process it is the merge between creator and paint that starts emerging and dictating the next creative step. This is really hard to explain but without actually being "in it", in the process of applying paint things do not happen. We can try and control painting more but then we are reducing it  from being art to mere "paint application". For me there is "painting" and there is "paint application" where the second one can be done to perfection and technically high level, however the painting process is something very subtle and personal. Painting happens when I challenge myself, technically apply skills but then manage to shift my attention to see possibilities of the medium. I start translating visual interpretation into paint with respect for its qualities. I start seeing possibilities of paint beyond mere picture depiction or realistic representation. Paint itself can indicate more than just an image. I am talking here about two levels:  sensory (mainly impact on the creator when creating) and evoking quality. By just being paint often makes us feel certain way, prompts emotional response and much more. That's also why it becomes very hard for me to create painting  planned in my mind at the beginning. I am a  believer into openness to exploration, experimentation. Wonder is something that attracts me, the door that are ready to be open to unknown is the way I sail through life. And that demonstrates in my approach to painting- I love the process when we divert from what is planned by trusting the medium itself. The more I learn to paint the more I realise how little I know about it  and how vast is the ocean of creative possibilities here. Painting is never ending story of wonder! Off to the easel now!


Wishing you painterly time!





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