Throwing the colour

In his short document "I need color" Jim Carrey is saying a lot about his connection with painting, art and colour. And I get it. He needs colour. I need to throw colour. Literally "throw" and visually too. Many of my quick "emotional release" entries in journals or on paper, canvases are the  effect of combined colour and dynamism in application of it. Wonder about the process? Carry on reading.


Colour has been present in my life from a very early stages. One of my first memories is being hypnotised by stain glass in a church and the way light travelled through differently coloured pieces of glass. There was a yellow glass stained window illuminating warm and blue one creating cool, reflective atmosphere. I could never decide which one I liked more and was sitting next to a different one every week. The priest probably thought something was wrong with that child keeping changing its sitting preferences! Colour creates atmosphere that connects with spirit. Something awakes within human being as we let ourselves to be present in colour world. I have few learners who admit the need for colour that I gave a term "colour cravings"- they start introducing certain colour not just in the artwork but to a wider environment like interiors, clothing, accessories. Suddenly they develop this craving for colour, they need to see it more and be in presence of it hence surrounding themselves with it. Psychology of colour has been explored in great depth and we know that colour can alter the mood, change the emotions. I would like to invite everyone to open themselves to those colour cravings- even if it feels like we keep going for one colour all the time - let's do it! There may be a reason behind this impulse and as long as we are connecting with the natural need, not the fake expectation, we are authentically engaging into the creative process. I came across many learners in my teaching that interacted in a variety of ways with colour. I observed natural approach to colour (I feel I want/need green) and very artificial too (I rather not do black- it looks negative doesn't it? Shall I do nice lady's pink?). Our personal history, memories (profoundly childhood) as well as cultural factors are strongly impacting colour preferences. It is through interaction with colour, specially with its healing properties, when therapeutic factor occurs - when we let those colours cravings in because they are the signals of inner need. Dynamism of colour I use in abstracts and art journal work is additionally impacted by introducing movement element. I apply colour from variety of angels and distances avoiding representational approach. Colour can flow, fly, run and dance. Colour can move, push the boundaries, indicate the accent. Colour will draw your attention, so will lack of colour (white/blank space). Is yellow quicker than green? Can you chaise blue with purple? Can you hear the colour? Is red lauder than pink? Try to go beyond visual with colour- introducing movement and sound interpretations can open up doors to connection with deeper self. Sometimes it is a different way- very static exposure to colour that works-just looking at particular colour. The great way to introduce that exploration is by creating simple colour swatches- pieces of papers covered in one bold colour and keeping looking at them on every day's basis. Take time to notice what and how colour can impact your inner wold- what emotions are emerging when you look at one coloured swatch? When you move to the next one is your mood/emotional response shifting too? I invite you to pay attention to colour more. What colours do you notice? If you create visual art or keep expressive art journal- is there certain colour combination you feel drawn to? Whatever you do - remember we all need colour! Have a colourful week! Honorata

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