Art is about finding a different reality

I was painting for few hours, learning about new paints via the beauty of experiment and failure when I sat for a moment at my desk. I glazed at the canvas and that statement just appeared from nowhere: Art is about finding a different reality...I realised all my creative processes been a lot about finding new way of expression that never existed before. There is a very little in my art about depicting the reality, picture or an object. I am finding realistic still life at the moment totally uninspiring. It may all change but at that very moment art is about finding the different reality... .


When I create, when paint is touching the canvas, when colours are forming, mixing on the surface in unexpected way -this is what I feel I need to follow- then the magic happens. State of creative flow starts to enter my blood stream and take over rational thinking. Time stops, time stretches, new reality is formed. As much as I adore all realism in art and love to learn about some old masters techniques I always find myself learning those traditional rules to bend them into new direction. Art becomes not just lenses of the artist's eye- it shifts from being perception to a channel of creating new world. Something that we can discover, enter, create, meet. I dare to say art is even beyond artist eye- it is not just expression of its perception of the subject. As we create, in the middle, somewhere there in the process we encounter moment when something unexpected emerges and it is down to us if we decide to follow it or not. Creative choice and perception are the skills far more complex than just depiction of the image. Still -good skills give you the freedom and flow to be able to do it. It is the moment when artist need to make decision- do I dare and follow unknown or do I just stick to what it meant to look like? Do I take risk even if it means the risk of ruining the painting or do I rather stay in my comfort zone? I watched one of the episodes of "Painting challenge" TV programmes and it was so beautifully picked up by the judges panel when they were evaluating the painting. One was well executed, skills wise but the artist kept painting in the same style without challenging his creative expression. The second painted "imperfect" picture with wobbly perspective and other aspects not up to the standard of the previous painter, but the way he dared to explore possibilities of paint resulted in what judges called "It is painted with your soul!". Painting is never ending journey but more those moments of daring we have the more times we can explore painting with our soul- wishing you all that amazing, creative experience! Honorata
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