Paint Wonders

 Painting never stops for me, never makes me bored and always lead me to explore more. Without painting there would be no sense to life, no art either meaning. Once you start truly painting it becomes or you become unstoppable. After my still ongoing exploration of colourful and dynamic inner landscapes abstracts I am slowly moving towards exploration of life through medium of painting of series focusing on…wonders of paint in figurative inspired subject matter. ...

  As we approach subject matter via the blank canvas there are endless possibilities of interpretation. Depiction and representation of reality is just one aspect- externally visible to the viewer of the art. But what is the journey in between? what happens from starting point and pre-vision to actual finishing piece is wonder, mystery for some, exploration or even revelation. As creating progress specially from reference material there is some degree of desire to depict it to level of reality first, but as painting progress and only if the creator opens to it, painting can take its own route and wondering into directions we never envisioned before. It is the quality of brush strokes, maybe the direction they are forming, unexpected colour effect and much more that it allowed can take painting process to a different level. It is not just about experimenting, it is rather alchemical process when from core ingredients of paint, brush, image something new can emerge that is serving beyond just visually pleasant reason of existence. Painter starts connecting with created new reality, inspired by subject matter, in the way that new interpretations, visions and concept start emerging. If connection is very deeply personal then the painter can experience changes in their inner frame of reference, there are new thoughts and reflections built around the emerging act, during truly authentic creative process. Sometimes it can be ecstatic, sometimes very painful but always deeply moving for the one who creates. when we look at the painted art piece we see the surface first and often never go beyond it. Some try to interpret, some rather not. Knowing the personal life of a painter can help I understanding some of the motives behind the creative process. Some people have ability to tune into art very quickly and somehow connect with this personal process of creating that piece. However even those who often say they do not understand the painting can somehow feel something about it and relay on more emotional that rational and aesthetic response. I do not know a lot about paining- at least that is how I see it. I know fair bit of art history and learn all the time but I do know painting, once we are allowing for it, has a difficult to rationally explain quality of transformation of minds, souls and harts, beyond the fact if we understand it or not. Wishing you some amasing painting experiences! Honorata

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