Human life is built around forming connections, changing them, reforming, disconnection and re-creating new connections. As daily flow of life goes by it is never static. Dynamism of life, its passing and transformative nature is something essential of every human experience. I put my drawing through a sewing machine recently to explore how connections can be recreated and what the consequences are of losing certain connection for creating new, not existing before reality. ...

  There was a drawing that I wanted to create- a family couple- son and dad sitting and reading but then reaching to each other too. It comes from black and white collection of images I gather for another project where I draw groups of people from old photographs. I liked how they were connected with their backs and how dad was turning his head to interact with a boy. So there was a visual connection there, there was emotional connection visible through face expressions and something about generations too seen in a big man body in contrast with a smaller, young boy relaxed body where his legs did not reach the floor so were resting on a sofa. Once I had this drawing I cut it into pieces. Smaller and bigger-breaking those two and separating their earlier connected backs. There were not just pieces that I put far away from each other. I shifted their original alignment too. Individual bodies were now partially disconnected. I glued those pieces to the page and now had this completely new piece disconnected on many levels. Disconnection. How do we go from there? Leaving it or connecting? If we try to connect into the same way, ignoring the fact pieces are now being cut we still are going to see the cut line. Conceal the line? How about not trying that? Once there is disconnection we are having something new to deal with. I looked at the gaps created now with pieces of drawing separated. Those gaps became new possibilities, they gave new space to create with. I wanted to connect now the pieces with the empty gaps- not just the pieces itself. And this is how realisation came that we do that all the time in our lives passing by, changing its form and shape. Things come and go all the time as we re-create the new reality. We need to re-create with the new reality in mind, we cannot go back to old because the change has taken place, it is irreversible, it has consequences we may need to work with. But this is a possibility too. It is re-connecting with re-creating. Those gaps between pieces of drawing were now spaces for a thread, white pen and gave a possibility for new meaning of the whole drawing- it created new wholeness. I put the glued pieces through the sewing machine and thread did the job-it served as connector, it was wondering around the pieces , it crossed the gaps. Finally a white pen drawing added last touches to it. I truly believe art is to be lived, experienced and life is art if we allow art to be a driving force in it. Honorata

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