Permission to try

  There are few creative courses that I designed myself that focus on exploration of variety of art mediums and approaches to the creative process. It often leaves me puzzled when people feel like they must choose and master one medium and close the eyes for anything else. Sure mastering one is a great route to high skill level but when we just want to explore , try things out, when we want to play and use expressive arts therapeutically rather than as end of result orientated way, we can easily give ourselves permission to try and fail with pleasure.

  What I am trying to say is that nobody shall feel not good enough to just have a go on any art expression. We so often limit our perception and life experiences by labelling ourselves. I often hear “watercolour is not my medium”, “I am not made for drawing”, “I think charcoal is so messy it is not for me”. Where those labels, names come from? It is an interesting act of little rebellious me to get people to try what they felt “what was not for them” in a completely different, personal way. I like to show them that one type of painting does not determine the only way of use the medium. Simple example- watercolours. Many times this evokes in our minds subtle floral petals, urban sketches, landscapes but also, for those less liking it faded colours, too pastel and without impact medium. However there is of course so much more to this medium as to many others. Watercolour can be highly pigmented, used with spills and pours for expressiveness, mixed and blended into amazing abstract effects. There are similar human perceptions of charcoal, pastels (oh no messy!), drawing in pencils (must be precise!) and much more. I really feel once we give ourselves permission to try and experiment without expecting a certain type of end result, we can enjoy art mediums in a new more personal and intimate way. I like to ask “What is this medium doing for YOU- which aspect of it you feel connected to, who is he artist inside you, what type of expression their want to honour?” This simple shift allows us first of all come out of the “correct way” of using the medium and secondary we are entering new land of creative possibilities. Maybe there is a medium you have tried and did not enjoy it, however deep down you still wonder what it could have been like. Maybe you have some negative educational experiences (this happens so often) and have been put off by hurting comments. All I can say try to put these things on side for one moment, grab the medium you would like to explore more…and give yourself true, free, full of compassion permission to try regardless of what the “normal” ways of using this material are. I cannot guarantee you it will be a master piece but I can tell you for sure it will be unexpected adventure.

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