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  The last thing I expected from art is to face handing over the control. But the best art times I had and hope to have more in future are when I am not the commander of the creative process. There are moments when I am able to throw planning and wishing out of the window and become a part of magic. This process is possible when the degree of freedom is allowed but ironically that freedom is gained when I achieved certain level of skills that allowed for experimentation, diversion from rules as a choice rather than limitation. It also helped me to get more clarity on type of creator I am naturally, where my gifts are more likely to be used and come close to authentic expression.

  I am a big fan of artist who share their processes and are open about how piece of art, would that be painting, sculpture or anything, is born partially from their initial idea and then partially from unexpected turn that idea takes during the artistic act of creation. It is fascinating to see how many possibilities there are and how ideas can lead us to discover much more than just a “picture”. But to be able to do that we need courage, trust, and openness. Courage allows to do things we may consider less safe like not following old formulas, painting, and overpainting, working with spontaneous lines, not being attached to precision, loosing control and also the risk of “ruining” the piece. Courage also re-frames what failure means. Failure as such doesn’t exist in negative sense of meaning. Failure is a learning opportunity, creative opportunity, act of creation for sake of it. Failure is closely attached to our hurt ego and moving away from failure as the concept itself allows to go beyond our limitations. Then trust. We need to trust that at some point this all makes sense, that there is purpose in creating for itself, that process is the goal, and we are creators worth creating. We need trust to be able to start creating as often as possible even if it feels like there is no point in it. Finally, we need to trust ourselves that even in dark moments of creative desperation we will pull through eventually. And then openness: to all that comes, to expression of our art, what is communicates and how. Maybe we want to paint but touch the drawing and cannot stop. We did not expect, either plan it but being open to possibilities allows unexpected sources of artistic expression to emerge. This is the land and space I would love to create from more often. Space of trust, openness and courage. Loosing the need to control and immersing myself into the process that will reveal itself more than I expect. This is the space where wonderful, beautiful art is born. I am wising you finding your space like that too.

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