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People often ask creatives where and how do they find an inspiration or how to stay inspired. Well let me tell you that in my case there is no hypnotising staring for hours in art galleries (I woul be nice to have that time by the way!) or sitting and waiting for the muse to appear. Life itself (yes that sometimes rubbish, problematic, depressive but also joyful life) becomes pure and full inspiration! Daily struggle, people we know, people we watch, enemies and friends, our own struggles, nature, journeys- it all is a part of massive impulse to create. Yes there are tons of artwork as well so generously shared on social media that feed creativity - but that is not the only source.


Open your eyes for some different sources of inspiration and let your creativity fly...

Artwork- yes that is a very obvious reason to get instant inspiration. Social media let us get an access to work of so many artists that it can even feel overwhelmed sometimes. Instead of prolonged looking at hundreds of art journal spreads, mixed media paintings and thinking your work is not worth any value as poisoning comparison hits you, try to look differently. Talents and gifts people have are all the part of positive inspiration, your creativity and work comes from within, there is no reason for competition. Support others and let yourself to be a part of this big journey. Share your work as well if you feel its the right thing- somebody else out there may find their inspiration in that. It's the constant circle of inspiration with input and output at the same time.

People- who we interact with- from family to random strangers in a supermarket queue can become an inspiration. How do they react to certain situations? Is there something to admire or remember? Are some of the conversations hitting your heart? Is the play of kids who we pass in the playground so innocent and joyful that reminds us about the fun we lost through daily life? I love to interact and observe variety of people as they bring these small bits into our thinking heritage. The aspect I found the most challenging is the ability to accept differences of others. Yes these values that may not fully be in line with our system of priorities and we do not understand them fully. There is a lesson we can learn from the differences. Having people around who challenge our system may increase the skill of looking at something we may be lacking. Inspiration is in people...just open your eyes to it and try forget the bitter judgment, selfishness and find what can be fascinating in that other human being - even if its totally different. I always laugh that a relationship with one of my friend (who is totally different than me) is all about embracing differences and learning from each other. That person is a very glamourous and sensitive soul and brings to my life forgotten value of caring about yourself- so easily given up in constant demands of others or when you tend to lock yourself up in the studio for hours!

Nature is another source of inspiration through the wisdom of natural flow we sometimes separate ourselves from. If sitting in a studio gets to you the state that you feel paralysed and picking a paintbrush becomes the challenge...it time to get out. Rain or sun- doesn't matter! Wind or humidity, winter or summer- nature has its lessons to teach you. Walk, walk, listen and let natural force get you closer to who you are. Sometimes is only solitary that can keep you going and clean the mental system. Inspiration will appear more easily afterwards.

Finally yourself- are you an inspiration to yourself? What are your creative journals about? Do you tend to express yourself? Be gentle and see that your vulnerability is the power. Yes we all fail don't we? But who said that failing is the weakness? Why do we judge ourself? Let it be what it is. Connection you create between inner self and creativity leads to the most  liberating and inspiring creative journeys.


Give yourself permission to be your own inspiration!



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