Quiet heart

We all know that saying "Listen to your heart- do what is says"- easier said than done of course! But one thing is listening to your heart and going through struggles of following it and another listening to your heart and not hearing anything! There are moments and situations when even our heart talk, the inner self doesn't speak, when we do not know what is says and where to go. I call my creative activity "artlysing"- the process when creation of art is doing its own work "artlysing" us- the creators. A little bit strange but I work on the concept that it is not always who creates in charge- kind of reverse of the whole process. We also can learn to listen to what art talks to us. This is a channel that enables me to hear what is too quiet to shout, what comes from a very, very quiet heart...So why we are not able to hear our own hearts sometimes?

Listening to your inner voice may become more and more difficult as we get used to live in the way that is not naturally designed for us. Playing roles, pleasing expextations and not letting true desires out can quickly become a habit of functioning day by day. Freedom of creating, letting it come out in form as expressive as art journaling or free style paining can start melting that establishment to the level when we re-discover ourselves - lost years ago or maybe even never discovered.The heart we never listen to before, slowly start waking up to show you what really matters, who you are, where your emotions are leading. This is the magic that happens during creative flow, someting so personal and inner that not even possible to explain. But many people say that art "set them free"- it does the work that is beyond capacity of the logcial and cold mind. Art goes deeper and sometimes so deep that we are afraid to look.But how do we get to that stage that heart becomes silent? I sometimes see people of different ages and with variety of life experience and they become lost because follow voices of not their own heart.

Socialisation is a beautiful process of making us more humans than animals but at the same time it is a brutal act of imprinting certain standards so deeply in minds that they become natural and we loose capacity of seeing beyond them. As kids we get told by adults what the norms of behaviour are and expectations are born. With time the expectations get us to the stage when we start feeding them with our own desire to follow the standards as we already starting believing this is a condition of the happiness. So we chase the happiness...designed by others for us, dictated by expectations and fed by fake images...

Often we get cought up in an artificial "happiness race"- compare with others and follow somebody=nobody dreams. Years down the line we realize we got what we thought was great but happiness is still missing. We are not able to listen to our heart as we never even though about it! It may take a long time to come to realization that we never truly spoken out and let inner voice to talk as being to busy to chase things that meant to work as happiness guarantors but never did. The logic I never really understand is that if happiness is a "state of mind" why people chase things like status, fame, material goods etc??? It is only the state of mind so it's free! Seems to be simple but we humans love to make it all complicated, don't we? ;)

Your heart is always there, even f you think you may know yourself already there is always something you may discover through act of creative process. Creativity and freedom are close together and have the power of freeing mind. For art journaling I would like to encourage to try "found words" technique- I am definitely going to use that as a part of "Subconscious Collage" project. If you journal in a book, before gesso coverage, try to find some words on both pages that have meaning to you, that draw your attention for some reason. Later you may put them in a different order to give them more structure and new meaning. If you prefer to work in a blank book then look through books or magazines for words and phrases that catch your heart- cut them out and play with the order again.

Let your creative soul to re-discover who you are and where is the light you were given to shine. Create from a heart, if your heart is silent- wait, be patient, listen and start creating- it will start talking. It may be a shy whisper, just one word for a start. But try to be patient and listen - make your heart shout!

Wishing you "shouting and heartful" journal pages, paintings, thoughts, acts and dreams.




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