Art Journaling with...yourself

Art Journaling is becoming a stronger trend every year and more artists are offering new approach or insight into it. Number of techniques and supplies used is limitless and for the beginners is may even look terrifying with so much information to take on. My personal journey into art journaling went through different phases but somehow always leads to the same point- making it personal self-discovery and journey into places less travelled in my mind. Art journaling with yourself is like opening the book of possibilities, asking yourself questions and looking where creativity is taking you. Instead of that trend of creating "pretty, colourful and sweet" pages there is raw emotions, unexpected feelings and your visual emotional baggage. Give it a go...get to know yourself more!

Making creative process inner and personal try to start with forgetting the expectation of creating for outcome and result. Leaving the expectations doesn't come easy but with some practice is possible. Forget about pages that impress, show off and all "likes" you may get on Facebook! Yes forget that- not easy but will clear your mind, let the soul to express freely. Choose supplies you like and feel confident about using so any additional pressure is taken away are about to talk to the person you have been knowing for the longest time in your entire life- yourself! :)

Working on personal journaling where you are focusing on your true self can visually be stimulated by a simple technique stolen from scrapbookers- use a photo! Your Selfie that you like or hate- emotional baggage is good here! Those photos that show something strong, not ideal, not treated with Photoshop Botox but with emotions, pain, wrinkles- just simply you! If you wish to alter them in a journal with paints, pencils then I recommend printing them out on a standard print paper and after gluing into a book covering with clear gesso for more durability. You may to choose to create the background first and them attaching the photo or putting the photo first and seeing what colours that will inspire you to use- start working on those subtle signals of inspiration from yourself. Remember that what you decide to do with the photo is all up to your creativity- you may want to tear it apart, colour, partly cover with paint, make alternations to face, cut out just a part of it, split, write on it- so much goes here! It is all more about being in a tune with yourself, accepting what comes out, what is it really like? Is it ugly, raw but authentic? Then 100% beautiful!


Wishing you authentic Art Journaling with yourself- let it come out!




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