Intensively creative and that's it!

If you have been creating art journals for a while you probably know by now that the most satisfying part of the process is working from your heart and using creative communication as a tool of expression. Visual journaling is far more than just creating "pretty pages". It has gone from that trend to "raw" journaling- pages are packed with intensity and deep thought. That intensity can also spread further into canvases, painted boards, altered objects, assemblage. Intensity is something that evokes mixed emotions very often. Why? Is it too much? Shall there be a limit or maybe art should stick to "pretty things"? Intensity is not controlled hence the reason for its low popularity? Either is creativity-flying far away from any form of control on crazy wings of freedom...

I let intensity now fly with the creativity- they really fit together well. As kids we hear lots of judgments and statements about letting intensity become part of us: "Control yourself", "Don't show too much emotions", "Better calm down". Those expressions are the part of language and established in our minds.  Showing the enjoyment of intensity may end up in getting names like crazy, mad, mental and eventually make you feel an outsider. Gradually you may even start naming your personality traits like "overreacting, oversensitivity, going too deep etc". But honestly- only because people in general do not feel comfortable with intensity (probably because do not know how to respond to it) do we have to ban it from our life? Creative life fortunately gives you the amazing place to incorporate intensity on many different levels. Through creative process you are making it possible to experience the joy and excitement of intensity without the fear of being judged. Intensity is one of emotions/feelings/needs that for some reason we forget or supress but once awaken it changes the direction of your creative life- let it join you from time to time! 

Here are few tips for art journaling and painting making it possible to bring creative intensity into your work and mind. You may want to start gentle and just experiment with the colours and then move to more adventurous parts. Do not be afraid of doing things differently, you do not have to burn pages (like I do) straight away- give yourself permission for small steps of merging your creativity with intensity. Here are some tips for art journaling and painting.You will find all mentioned artists on FB that can direct you to their blogs.



  • Use different and vibrant colours that do not blend well- go for contrast and bold!
  • Work in a book instead of blank journal- break the rule, damage the book, use the images already existing (look at altered books of Anne-Marie Van Eck)
  • Start using ink splashes and drips- very uncontrolled and fun!
  • Tear pages apart, make holes, soak in water, add random objects (look at work of Orly Avineri)
  • Burn part of the page and then art journal on what is left- fantastic effect and the smell too;)



  • Use different colour scheme- skin in blue and yellow- why not?
  • Consider painting emotional portraits- when emotions are the core subject. Forget about pretty and dreamy- go raw and intense.
  • Explore expressionism- let the brush strokes being visible and paint merging instead of perfect blending.
  • Try intuitive painting- start with covering a canvas with marks and colours and then look up for the shapes emerging (recommended mixed media artists here: Tracy Verdugo, Flora Bowley, Katie Kendrick).



Wishing you intensively creative week!


P.S Feel free to share your intense journal pages on our FB group of Subconscious Collage-click here to join.






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