Visual language

You may look at some art work and "get it" or stare at hundreds other pictures and forget them next minute. Some visual content is just hitting our heart or simply not. They may be artists who paint one thing over and over for 20 years and never have enough, others are attached to colour, develop specific style. It is all about visual language- that language with no sound but stronger than a shout. Language that exists in you and maybe wants to scream- do you know how to find it?

If you stepped into creativity world like me in my adulthood it may take some time to actually "tune in" to your visual voice. I define visual voice as a combination of artistic interests (what do you like to picture, colour choice), form of expression (from expressionism to graphics) and something called "mood" (what is the impression your art creates, what is the visual and emotional impact). The journey to identify your visual language may take time (because you are still searching and exploring) and can change its course as well- you grow with your creativity and things do change. Also personally I feel that there should not be any pressure on finding that language too soon as it may be required to take layers of different artistic explorations before we know what we really want to express. It is all never ending journey that requires listening to our heart and soul.

I am still exploring and searching for my louder visual language but recently I have started feeling some more clarity, less pressure and more enjoyment in creating what feels authentic. Because by the end of day it is all about authenticity- even technically the best art if comes from a fake soul then just means so little. There are plenty articles from various artist on topic of "finding your own style" so feel free to do research and choose what speaks to your heart. The most important aspect of the process is actually allowing it to be the process- that is the key to letting external pressure off. The moment- you fully understand that art wants to talk to you, wants to have that conversation through your creative process and takes it step by step- that is the moment when pure joy of artistic expression and relation with your inner self will show up. Try as many styles and mediums you want, find inspiration in work of others but do not just copy or compare, listen to your own desires and interests instead of trends and "cool" things or art products. Just try to accept what you create, what is your voice like, listen and wait...magic will happen at some point.

In my journey that is still going I went through different stages. As a very beginner I looked at "experts" and products and tried to follow- didn't last long as me and following rules never goes well! Then I looked at other wonderful artists and tried similar work but that didn't feel right to me- it looked ok but there was not a sound of my visual voice. Gradually over years (and creating anyway all that time) I started to understand some important things- what mattered to me in creativity was the process not product, sharing not selling out the outcome. I started seeing my route, my path and accepted it. The collage of my recent work that accompanies this post is a collection of images that emerged in last 3 weeks and finally felt- "This is my voice- whatever others think I am having my roar here!"

There is no simple recipe, either timescale for finding your visual language that speaks to your soul. But there is no doubt that once you find it you just want to sing loud and you have to create:)




Wishing you a visually loud week!



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